Our Suites

Contemporary refinement characterises all of our suites, designed with you in mind

Our Rooms

The past, present and future are seamlessly intertwined in each of our individually decorated hotel suites. Cosy, intimate and stylish, our suites provide everything that is the epitome of boutique hotel accommodation.

Suite 1The Perfect Classic Suite For Two

Suite 1

Suite 1 at Blanc Boutique Hotel in Sliema is the perfect room for two persons to reside in if you wish to retreat after a day out on the town.

Suite 2The Luxury Couple's Suite

Suite 2

Suite 2 is ideal for couples seeking to enjoy the luxury of their Sliema accommodation as well as their destination.

Suite 3Your Own Suite De Luxe

Suite 3

Suite 3 is the choice accommodation for a couple who enjoys the good things in life.

Suite 4A Suite For All Your Needs

Suite 4

Suite 4 in Blanc Boutique Hotel is equipped with twin beds and special adaptations to accomodate also persons with disability.

Suite 5Our "His and Hers" Suite

Suite 5

Suite 5 is Blanc Boutique Hotel's “His and Hers” room, complete with double bed, extra large double shower and double sink basin.

Suite 6Our Superior Balcony Room

Suite 6

Suite 6 is a sophisticated and modern stylish room with access to Boutique Hotel Blanc’s traditional Maltese balcony.

Suite 7Your Outdoors and Indoors

Suite 7

Suite 7 is one of the more spacious rooms at Blanc Boutique Hotel, and also features a sunny balcony.

Suite 8Relax in Private Luxury

Suite 8

Suite 8 is one of the larger rooms at Boutique Hotel Blanc and features a large sundeck area.